East Prairie Laboratories is focused on responsibility, efficiency, and above all accuracy in every aspect of our operations. We work to serve a variety of industries, companies, and family owned businesses with the express intent of providing laboratory testing that is cost effective and reliable for your business. As science, technology and farming become increasingly interconnected, having a dedicated parter becomes more important than ever. Our team will work to be your dedicated partner. When you hire East Prairie Laboratories to examine your samples, you are receiving more than data points on a sheet of paper. When you hire us, you're getting our whole team. 

Sample Drop Off Points

As part of our initiative to provide accessable and uncomplicated analysis.

East Prairie has designated several locations as safe and secure places for our customers to drop off their samples. 

Click the logo on the map and you will get immediate directions!

This service is intended to reduce the time, effort, and money it takes to get your samples into the lab.

Samples are picked up every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5:00pm

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Laboratory Testing

Contact Information:

Phone: 605-221-8000

Email: Client.Services@EastPrairieLaboratories.com

Email2: Brondone@EastPrairieLaboratories.com


East Prairie Laboratories

48598  234th St. 

Flandreau  SD,  57028

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