Compost Testing Near Me

Different Compost Testing Near Me

Depending on what you need to test in Flandreau, SD, you will find that there is different compost testing near me available. Composting testing is necessary for identifying any potential problems.
Basic Tests: These tests will include analysis for organic matter, percent solids, soluble salts, and carbon-to-nitrogen ratio. You can use these tests for finished compost, although you may also want to do nutrient testing.
Basic Test Plus Pollutants: These types of tests are recommended for feedstock and finished composts that could contain metals and other pollutants.
Test for the U.S. Compost Council Program: There are also tests that provide the analysis required for compost producers that are involved with the program. The sample size required for these tests will be larger and these tests measure percent solids, organic matter, and more.
Other compost testing near me you may want to consider includes bulk density, particle size, nitrate nitrogen, fecal coliform, calcium carbonate, and equivalence and bioassay.