Base Panel

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Base Panel                          $15.99    $15.20     $14.44

1-3 Business Days                   (1)       (2-10)       (11+)

Package Includes: 

-Brix - Glucose - Fructose - Malic Acid - pH - Ec - Turbidity - TDS

     Given the heightened competition amongst wineries to advance their products it all comes down to the details involved in your unique process. Utilizing our knowledgable and skilled staff to place the finishing touches with scientific certainty will help keep your products at a consistently high standard. Our base package will help define wine with higher refractive indexes that have a higher sugar content, higher protein content, higher mineral content and a greater specific gravity or density.  This adds up to a sweeter tasting, more mineral nutritious wine with lower nitrates and water content and better storage attributes.