Plant Tissue Analysis

What Is Plant Tissue Analysis?

Plant tissue analysis in Flandreau, SD, helps determine the nutrient concentration in the sampled plant tissues. It is used as part of a proven soil testing plan and will help find ways to use the nutrients more efficiently. Other unforeseen nutrient toxicities or imbalances can also be found. A plant tissue analysis will measure the efficiency of nutrient and fertilization programs and measures the levels of nutrients such as sulfur, iron, and copper that aren’t usually observed in a routine soil test.
The plant tissue analysis can be a proven diagnostic tool to compare nutrition variances between abnormal and normal sections of fields. No matter the type of crop, the plant tissue analysis is important to figure out nutrient needs. As the value of crops continues to increase, tools such as this are important to have success.
While a plant tissue analysis is important, it shouldn’t be the sole basis for making any fertilizer decisions and should be used alongside other tests.