Plant Tissue Sampling

Getting the Correct Plant Tissue Sampling

When it comes to any diagnostics, there is a difference between the plant deficiencies and soil deficiencies. Some recommend that you take a soil sample and a plant sample at the same time. This way you can examine the results and find you have a soil problem that may be causing the poor plant performance.
When you are getting plant tissue sampling, it's important to get the right plant part at the right stage. It’s best to use the most recently matured and fully developed leaves. For young plants, you can usually use the entire plant. For any high-value crops, the petiole is used.
For a lab to get a good analysis, about 15 to 30 leaves will be needed. It’s best to get the samples for plant tissue sampling to the lab as fast as possible. When you use the same lab each time, you will have a more accurate trend line.