Current Promotions

Pay As You Grow 

For over a decade now the farm economy has been either negate or stagnant for row crops livestock and dairies. Because of this well documented fact East Prairie is offering the following program:

On 2.5 to 5 acre grids you will qualify to split the sample collection and laboratory fees between two operating years. Pay half now and half in 2020! This program will bring your cost per acre down considerably and provide you with necessary information. 

Prevent Plant Program

The past few years have made it difficult for America's farming community to succeed and grow. Down markets and trade disputes have taken their toll on family farms. East Prairie Labs is dedicated to helping farmers solve some of their problems by offering the following: 

Sample Collection fees will be reduced by -10% and testing package pricing will be reduced by -15% brining you a total savings of +25%. And saving you the headache of hiring a separate sampling team. We save you time and money all under one roof! 

Referral and Save!

If you like the job we do and believe we could help others. 

You will receive a -30% discount on your lab fess for each referral we get from you! 

There are no restrictions on testing packages. However it is dependent on transactions meaning you would get 30% discounted off your invoice so be sure you make it worth the discount for the quantity of samples you send in for that specific transaction! 

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