Soil Compaction Test

Different Soil Compaction Test Options

There are different benefits of soil compaction in Flandreau, SD, including the prevention of soil settlement and frost damage, as well as increased ground stability. A soil compaction test is needed in order to determine the value. There are different ways a soil compaction test can be done.
The standard soil compaction test is performed in a lab and the test determines the maximum density that is achievable for the soil and then uses it as a reference for a field test. This test is also effective to see the effects of moisture on the density of the soil. For soils that have higher densities, a modified test will be needed that uses higher values. Field tests are done on-site and are essential to determine if the compaction density is being adequately reached. There are different types of field testing that have their own pros and cons and new methods are being developed in order to increase accuracy and limit the errors.