Soil Sampling

What You Should Know about Soil Sampling

When soil sampling in Flandreau, SD, there are a few things to keep in mind.
You want to soil sample every two to four years in a given field. If you do soil sampling every year, it will not usually add any additional information. You want to sample when crops aren’t growing in the field and avoid fields where manure, fertilizer, or other materials were just recently applied. It’s best to sample fields at the same time of the year so that your soil sampling analyses are comparable over time. If you sample three to six months prior to the next crop, it will allow for enough time to make any adjustments. For many crops, this may be in late autumn.
The sampling container should be clean in order to avoid any contamination. Stainless steel containers or plastic are better than other materials. You may also use containers recommended by the lab and be sure to follow the lab's instructions for sample submission.